Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I Love Winter

Here is a list of reasons to love winter:

1. Thanksgiving = family, friends, food
This year Joy and Joel got a new surprise, little Mason!!
2. Christmas = family, friends, food, and flying monkeys!

Mom - making us eat breakfast before we open presents, as usual.

Dad in his Christmas vest.

Brian - enjoying some snowflake fun

Andrea and cute little Abby

Flying, screaming monkey!!
3. Snowshoeing

4. Snowboarding

4. Ice Climbing

5. New Year's Eve Parties

6. Yurting


Brett and Emily said...

You do so many fun things Shae! We miss you! Joy and Joel's baby is so cute. Brett wants to ice climb with you. :) We can't wait til July!

Emily said...

You make snowboarding hot!

Ryan Ward said...

So jealous...

Brett and Emily said...

How do you make those pictures with just certain color in them...they are so cool.