Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'm back!

After taking a break from writing on my blog for the last few years, I've decided it's time to give it a try again.   I gave myself the challenge of accomplishing 32 goals while I'm 32 and one of them is to post to my blog once a month.  I was kind of a slacker in July so I'll start now.

For my birthday hike this year, I decided to attempt to hike the Pfeifferhorn for the 2nd time.  Prue, Jodie, and Mike were awesome enough to join me.  We couldn't find the trail all the way to the top, so once again our summit dreams were foiled.  Hopefully the third time will be the charm.  Even though we didn't make it to the top we had a great time and spent an amazing day in our beautiful mountains.

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Brett and Emily said...

These pictures make me really homesick!! Sooo pretty!
Happy Birthday Shano!!