Sunday, June 8, 2008

DC 1/2 Marathon

The National Marathon and 1/2 Marathon were being held the last weekend of March and it was a great excuse to finally go out and visit Emily and Brett. Brian and Heidi also flew in from St. Louis and Brian's MTC Companion, Doug, flew in from Alabama. It was the opening weekend of the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Kite-Flying Festival.

DC is such an incredible city. There is soooo much to see and I think I only saw about 1% of it. The first day there Emily had to teach her 4th graders and Brett had school so the rest of us were tourists and went site-seeing around the Mall.

This is the National Archives Building where the Declarartion of Independence is held. There was an enormous line to get in, so we just looked at it from outside.

This is Brian "sticking is to the man", sort of.

WTF? This is art?
This is 3-D, but does it bend in or out?

The Smithsonian Castle

This is inside the Aerospace Museum. You could spend all day in here and still not see everything.

This is Doug riding the longest escalator I have ever seen. It is at the Metro stop near the National Zoo.
Heidi is such a cute pregnant lady!

Getting ready to embark on the "Asian Trail". Is this what it takes to become Asian?
These next pics are for you Prue, I thought you would appreciate them.

This is where all the tree-saving poop comes from.
Brett at George Washington Law School.

This is us after the race. So far, this was my favorite race. There were about 6000 runners. We ran past the capitol and along the mall and then through the some of the neighborhood areas of DC. It was really cold, but my legs just went numb. This was Brian's first 1/2 and he killed it. Brett was under 2 hours and I beat my last time by about 15 minutes, so we were all pretty happy.

After the race we walked down to the Washington Memorial to fly a kite, which didn't go so well. It was really neat to see so many kites though.


Ryan Ward said...

Shanno! You're alive?!?

Brett and Emily said...

Shanno! Good times! Thanks for coming out.
Have Brian and Heidi had their baby?