Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moab Relay Marathon

I am on such a roll! Three new posts in about a week, I might actually get caught up, and anyone who actually bothers to read this will know what has been going on in the life of Shanno.

In April I headed down to Moab to run a marathon relay with Rebecca, the Crazy Alaskan, and Prucilla. For those of you who don't know Rebecca, there are many reasons why she is called "crazy". Not only is she from Alaska, which automatically makes her crazy, she also thinks that running uphill is fun. She considers a marathon a "walk in the park" and she regularly eats caribou (just not on Sundays). It was her idea to do this relay marathon. As usual I neglected to train, but still had a great time. The course was beautiful! Rebecca ran the first leg, which happened to be the longest with the most uphill sections. I ran the second and Prue ran the third leg. This was the longest distance Prue has ever run and she cruised through her leg of the race no sweat! The group who put on the race do not rank very high on their ability to communicate and organize, so unfortunately we were unsure of exactly when the race was going to start. The problem with this is that Prue and I didn't show up at the transition point until after Rebecca had already been waiting for 20 minutes in the freezing cold. But even with this delay our team took 12th place!
Anyone who has run long distances knows how important it is to load up on carbs the day before the race. We have perfected this skill. This is a sample of our "carbs".

Prue had to drive down separately, so while we waited in the hotel for her, we got a little creative with the towels.
Another necessity for a race is a fake tattoo. We were able to obtain some high quality ones at the local gas station.

After the race we cruised down the river road to the "Indian Ladder" where we indulged in our "crack" habit.
Going Up

This is the view from the top

Chillin' at the top

On the way down

One more crack

After our "experimentation" with crack, we headed to Arches and saw, believe it or not... some arches.

Thanks for an amazing time gals! Next year let's go to Alaska - I'll practice being crazy :)


Brett and Emily said...

Way to go Shanno! You are in such great shape! You are always up to some adventure. We miss you! It was so fun having your out here. We're excited to see you in Sept.
P.S. Nice tatoo.
Do you have any pics from Hawaii?

Anonymous said...
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